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MATRIOSCA-AAP project information

Compilation of related projects (summaries)

MATRIOSCA project update May 2006

MATRIOSCA project update January 2007

White Paper Executive Summary - 01.2007

The White Paper provides the rationale and prerequisites for building territorial co-operation in the Adria-Alpe-Pannonia (AAP) area, with the aim of enhancing connectivity and territorial integration and the end goal of strengthening its competitive profile in Europe. Find  the Executive Summary of the White Paper here for download:

White Paper Executive Summary in all partner languages:

Externe Verknüpfung - English

Externe Verknüpfung - German

Externe Verknüpfung - Italian

Externe Verknüpfung - Slovene

Externe Verknüpfung - Hungarian

Externe Verknüpfung - Croatian

Externe Verknüpfung - Serbian


Short project-information

Basic MATRIOSCA project-information in all partner languages:

MATRIOSCA project-information in Externe Verknüpfung German

MATRIOSCA project-information in Externe Verknüpfung Italian

MATRIOSCA project-information in Externe Verknüpfung Slovene

MATRIOSCA project-information in Externe Verknüpfung Hungarian

MATRIOSCA project-information in Externe Verknüpfung Croatian


Compilation of MATRIOSCA main results


MATRIOSCA Background Paper for the Macro-Themes Excellence of Knowledge Networking and Innovative Small-Business Clustering   Externe Verknüpfung -DOWNLOAD-

This background paper provides an overview over the current research and development (R&D) institutions, specialization areas and existing networks within and among the MATRIOSCA regions. It identifies areas where the partner regions have similar or overlapping strengths and concentrations.

MATRIOSCA Cluster Analysis – Economic structure, growth and convergence in the MATRIOSCA Region   Externe Verknüpfung -DOWNLOAD-

Objective was the (socio)economic characterization of sub-regions of the MATRIOSCA region at the level NUTS 3, against the background of all other NUTS 3 regions belonging to the five Matriosca states Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia (in total 199 regions). The aim was to identify sets of regions which resemble each other in different socioeconomic variables such as economic structure including tourism, density of population, sectoral value added and/or employment shares or in performance variables such as gross regional product both in levels and growth rates.



MATRIOSCA Institution Building – Main results   Externe Verknüpfung -DOWNLOAD-

The mission of Work Package 2 was to produce a proposal for future institution building in the AAP area, which is based on requirements of partners and suited to grasp new opportunities provided by European legislation. The document contains the main results from this work, which has been produced by a team composed of representatives of the project partners in close cooperation with external experts.

MATRIOSCA Country Reports on legal framework conditions (one document per country)  

This vertical analysis presents an overview of the situation in Externe Verknüpfung Austria, Externe Verknüpfung Croatia, Externe Verknüpfung Hungary, Externe Verknüpfung Italy and Externe Verknüpfung Slovenia. It describes the legal framework, the division of competences and the allocation of powers between different levels.



MATRIOSCA Joint Strategy Document   Externe Verknüpfung -DOWNLOAD-

This Joint Strategy Document (JSD), adhering to the principles and objectives stated in the MATRIOSCA AAP Project, aims to outline the prominent achievements of the Project and – as its main objective – to highlight the main challenges which future strengthened cooperation implies, then to propose a framework to guide the development of cooperation in key areas, defining objectives and priorities and identifying key activities as well as strategic projects to be prepared and submitted for future funding.

MATRIOSCA White Paper Executive Summary   Externe Verknüpfung -DOWNLOAD-

The White Paper provides the rationale and prerequisites for building territorial cooperation in the Adria- Alpe-Pannonia1 (AAP) area, with the aim of enhancing connectivity and territorial integration and the end goal of strengthening its competitive profile in Europe.



MATRIOSCA Working Group 1 – Final Report   Externe Verknüpfung -DOWNLOAD-

The following document shortly summarizes the activities of MATRIOSCA’s Workgroup 1 (infrastructure and location, MATRIOSCA WG1) in the period between March 2006 and November 2006.

MATRIOSCA Working Group 2 – Background Paper   Externe Verknüpfung -DOWNLOAD-

The paper served as background paper for the Working Group on Spatial Planning and Development, focusing on the two main topics:

1)    Harmonised priority themes/ common strategic issues basing on the SWOT list elaborated within WP3

2)    Findings/ outputs from other projects implemented in the same area relevant for the MATRIOSCA Working Group 2.


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